Welcome to… POKADOT the Clown & Friends and the woman behind the makeup and the business! My name is Sally Hasselbach and I have been happily married to my wonderful husband Charlie, for 45 fast, wonderful years. We have 4 grown happily married children and 9 beautiful grandchildren!

We sure enjoy our own family gatherings and getting all 19 of us together for some great family fun times and memories.

We have lived in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area…in the same comfortable, country home for almost 30 years… Where besides raising a family we’ve had horses, raised and showed sheep (done a lot of spinning of the wool), had goats, ducks, geese, guineas, chickens, rabbits, and also wonderful family dogs and cats.

I have always loved children. They are the dear little blossoms and I have worked with them for most of my adult life.

As I was coming down the birth canal I bumped my nose really hard, it was all red and swollen and at the moment of birth the Doctor told my Mother "you’ve got a real clown there" and I’ve been clowning ever since! The truth is…even my school teachers recognized this.

Most of my early clowning came by books and natural fun loving…then I harnessed up with a couple good circus clowns who helped me perfect my skills and I’ve been going full time ever since.

I am or have been a proud member of::

  • Clowns of America International
  • Fellowship of Christian Magicians
  • World Clown Association
  • International Mother Goose Guild
  • Ann Arbor Magic Club
  • Detroit Puppeteers Guild
  • International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 54
  • Detroit Area Professional Entertainers


Also several other organizations.

Somewhere down the road, Charlie decided he too would like to become a clown and about 9 years ago after some instruction at a clown class…he began helping me out… Now we both love it and "COMPANY" t. clown plans to go full time clowning with me as soon as he retires from his "day job".

In addition to this Charlie and I have done circus several times with the Royal Hannaford Circus and also with the George Carden Circus International. We travel all over the country to clown conventions several times a year, this is where we upgrade our skills and buy our clown supplies.

We sure love to meet & greet the children… you may have seen us at a lot of area parades in our bubble blowing, circus music playing, "ROYAL CLOWN MOBILE" …or maybe you caught us on a Local Television Show. Possibly you or your child have seen us at Schools or Day Cares / Pre Schools, Country Clubs, Banquets, Fairs, Grand Openings, childrens Church Events, Block Parties, at Malls, Corporate Events and all those wonderful Birthday Parties! We've even done several Special Birthday Parties for Great Grandparents!

As you will see by surfing through my web site I offer many characters to my persona. There is "MOTHER GOOSE" the Ole Storyteller (elementary and nursery schools), "MISS. LOVIE" (singing love songs and balloon delivery... mostly around Valentines Day)… the Easter Bunny’s granddaughter "HONEY BUNNY"…The good witch…"SANDWITCH", spook-tac-u-lar and of course "MRS. CLAUS (& SANTA too)". We even added a few of Santa’s Elves to our show.

I sure hope you will enjoy browsing through my web site I hope I can be of help to you for your next special event. "CHILDREN ARE MY BUSINESS’…ya gotta love em!